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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
Static and Surrender
"Fall on the Blade"
Allen Stone
Mondo Cozmo
"Tonight Tonight"
Slightly Stoopid
"If You Want It (ft. Alborosie"
Amos Lee
"No More Darkness, No More Light"
I have a tank top that says in big bold black print, “I Can’t Adult Today.”  It’s the most ironic top I own.
The day I wore it last week was a day of paying bills, handling wire transfers, dealing with 401k accounts, renewing and updating our car insurance, extending the lease on my car, ordering medicine for our dog, walking our dog, having the vet come over to check on our dog and collecting pee from our dog.
That last one takes some explaining.  The vet, who makes house calls, recommended that we get a blood and urine sample as part of a routine checkup when she’s here. I said great and asked her how she intended to get him to pee into a cup on command.
Her response was, “Oh I’m not, you are.  I need his very first pee of the morning.”  My initial idea was to invite her over for a drink the night before and make sure she was too drunk to drive home.  I thought better of that (not for the scandal factor but because I was running dangerously low on wine and didn’t want to share).  So I went in search of some kind of container that would make an easy target for Emmett to hit and not get my hands doused.  I discovered a large Tupperware bowl jammed into the back of a drawer.
After recovering from the shock that we even own Tupperware, I told my wife my plan (she is always conveniently out of town when an unpleasant Emmett task has to be performed):
Her:  You can’t use one of OUR dishes!
Me:  It’s not a dish.  It’s a plastic bowl with a lid that we didn’t even know we had.
Her:  Well now that we do, we can use it.
Me:  Right, for all the lesbian Tupperware parties we throw.
Believe it or not I lost the argument.  I used up all my powers of persuasion at work that day so off to the store I went.
The next morning I took Emmett for his walk with strict instructions from our vet to get the very first pee before he ate or drank anything.
I thought it would be easy because every single morning of his entire 11 years, he’s followed the same routine.  We walk out the front door, he trots over to his favorite tree, lifts and goes.  So I was ready.  We approached the tree, he lifted and I knelt down, skillfully placing the newly-purchased Tupperware container to catch his offering.  He looked at me, looked at the container then put  his leg down without releasing a single drop and moved on.
Ten feet later he raised his leg to a rose bush and I knelt down - again.  He looked at me and put his leg down without peeing - again.
About 20 feet later he happened upon a flower bed.  He lifted his leg and I knelt down - again.  He didn’t pee - again.
We walked up and down the neighborhood multiple times with me genuflecting all the way.  I went to 12 years of Catholic school and in one morning I knelt and stood more than all the Church Masses, weddings, funerals and confessions I’ve attended in over 47 years combined. 
We continued our holy walk with him tormenting me the whole way.  By the time he finally relented I thought it was another bluff so had to dive fast to get anything.  I missed entirely.  Satisfied that he had once again thwarted me, we continued his maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won’t walk.
I eventually collected enough for the vet, and if it wasn’t enough, my back and knees were beyond the point of caring.
Still though, I’m a dog person through and through.  My philosophy will never change.  It’s pretty basic and not original:
“If you’re uncomfortable around my dog, I’m happy to lock you in the other room when you come over.”
I’ll bet if Emmett could read that, he’d feel bad about peeing on my hand. 

“I think that being able to make friends with a new band, and hopefully help them have a really great musical and life experience, is more the goal than making a hit record.”
– Richard Swift (The Shins, The Black Keys) (1977 – 2018)
Jim James
“James remains as musically edgy as ever on an album that pulses with energy, enthusiasm and the restless spirit James has always personified” – American Songwriter
“Throwback’s wistful theme – ‘When we were young … All the potential in the world’ – is cast against fears of the future. It’s one of his finest songs.” – The Guardian
Static and Surrender
“On their self-titled debut album, Static and Surrender embody the best of indie rock. Intense emotion pours through these concise, carefully crafted tracks” – Skope Magazine
 “This quite brilliant album begins in some fine style with 'If Only We Could Sleep,' a cut that perfectly showcases not only the band, but what's to come on this stunning nine track debut” – Exclusive Magazine

Shakey Graves
“The nods to Heatmiser and Built to Spill are evident in the song’s journey from the comfortable nighttime mosey of the verses to the ringing, layered vocals of the finale.” – Consequence of Sound
“Love that the first line of the song is heavy with harmonies right off the bat! Such a 60s nostalgic track some kind of Weezer acoustic thing! So begging for the perfect indie film accenting the ‘It gets a whole lot better’ lyrics!” – Ant Farm
Jacob Banks
“Prepared to be floored by Jacob Banks” – TIME Magazine

“Shiver-inducing soul” – The Fader

“Reintroduces soul music to today’s young generation.” – Vogue 

Allen Stone Live at 2018 Special Olympics 
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Jim James Official Art Track
Courtney Barnett Live on KCRW
Caitlyn Smith Live in Studio
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