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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
Tom Morello
"The War Inside (ft. Chris Stapleton)"
Ghost Hounds
"Good Old Days"
Snail Mail
The Wild Feathers
Jackson Browne
"Until Justice Is Real"
Bruce Sudano
"Cosmic Ride"
I have a theory that no matter how long you’ve known your spouse, being newlyweds (it’s been less than two years so we’re holding onto the distinction) brings a whole new chapter of discovery.
She:  Fishes.
I:  Talk to the fish and assure them they’ll be back with their family and to just hang on all while she’s trying to get the hook out, thus pretty much ruining her experience.
She:  Hates my driving.
I:  Think it’s fine; the one accident I had since I moved here was barely mentionable.
She:  Thinks I can talk my way out of anything.
I:  Try to. The above-mentioned car accident resulted in no exchange of insurance or calling the police.  I saw an “I Heart Jesus” sticker on the car I had bumped into.  I explained to the driver I was new in town, “a good Christian” and in need of a congregation.  Instead of wanting my insurance info she gave me her church info.  I may have lost points in Heaven but it’s better than gaining them on my driving record.
She:  Is an amazing cook
I:  Am an amazing table setter, eater and cleaner-upper.
She:  Secretly lowers the thermostat.
I:  Secretly raise it. 
We:  Both vehemently deny touching it.
I:   Lose my phone, sunglasses and keys all the time.
She:  Got me the Tile; a gizmo you attach to things you lose and it tells you through an App on your phone where they are.
I:  Can’t find it.  (The ironies abound when it’s your phone you lose)
Our most recent discovery:
She:  Thinks I have a terrible memory.
I:  Can’t keep up with her conversation style.
I’ll admit I’m not fun to fish with, I might be a slightly less better driver than she, I do try and talk my way into or out of many situations, I abuse the thermostat and I can’t cook.  However, while I may not have a photographic memory, not getting lost in her thought process would take Lewis and Clark teaming up with a group of Navy Seals armed with GPS, multiple flashlights, maps and at least one phone-a-friend call.
This latest was a microcosm of how many of our conversations go:
Her:  Ok so I get home on Monday, and the next show in Texas I’ll see Tonda and see her new house.  Oh and we have to remember to take a pillow.
Me:  Why do you need to take a pillow to Tonda’s?
Her:  Why would I take a pillow from Tonda’s? 
Me:  You said you’re going to Tonda’s house and then said you need to get a pillow.
Her:  A pillow for you for the bus when you come back with us from Kansas.
Me:  That’s in two weeks.
Her: Yeah but the pillows on the bus suck and we need to get a wedding gift for Troy.
Me:  We’re going to a wedding?
Her: No, but I’m playing Country Thunder.
At this point I was dizzy and decided to take a different tact.
Me:  Did you ever read the comic cartoon “Family Circus,” with the Mom and Dad and the three kids?
Her:  The one with the fat dumb kid in it? 
Me:  Billy, he was the distracted older sibling.  This conversation reminds me of the ones where he would walk miles and miles in circles leaving his little footprints everywhere – around the trees, through the swing set, into and out of the dog house, up and down the slide, over the jungle gym, around multiple telephone poles - all just to go across the street.
Her:  Do you remember when I’m coming home?
Me:  Tuesday.
Her:  No, Monday! How can you remember a cartoon from over forty years ago and you can’t remember the day I’M COMING HOME??!!!!
Me:  It was a repetitive theme!!  They ran it MORE THAN ONCE!!
If marriage is the bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them, then between us I think we’d be the couple who both remember, but who end up waiting for each other at different restaurants.  
“I do remember,
And then
When I try to remember,
I forget.”
- Winnie The Pooh
Cartoons are so wise.


“Welcome to Fall! I’m not above drinking pumpkin-flavored vodka.”


Brandi Carlile
“cements her as one of music’s biggest superstars”—Spin

“one of the biggest voices in the genre”—Vulture

“For fans of the classic singer-songwriter form, there’s no more anticipated album this year”—Variety

Ghost Hounds
Ghost Hounds, A great band! Jammed with them in LA, looking foward to getting into the studio with them to add a solo or two” – Slash
“Had a blast cutting tracks in the studio with them. The Big Beat! Tre Nation, what a voice” – Reese Wynans
“Great songs! Great musicians! Great vibe! Authentic & the real deal”
Kenny Aronoff

The Wild Feathers
“A pioneering band… the 12-track collection sees The Wild Feathers stepping confidently in a new direction, resulting in some of their most realized recordings to date.” – American Songwriter

"With Alvarado, The Wild Feathers unite awareness and nostalgia on the well-rounded record, honoring the value of past experiences while looking to the bright future ahead." – No Depression

Bruce Sudano
"We love Bruce Sudano." Essentially Pop 

"A compelling singer-songwriter." – American Songwriter

"Sudano has explored the upper part of his vocal range, a place where words themselves seem to soar." – Pop Matters

 Adele "Easy On Me" Official Video

 Alt-J "U&ME" Official Video

 Band of Horses "Crutch" Official Lyric Video

 Tom Morello "The War Inside (ft. Chris Stapleton)" 
           Official Video
 Tears For Fears "The Tipping Point" Official Video

 Braison Cyrus "Black Water (ft. Steve Earle)"
          Official Lyric Video
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