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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
"It's Over"
Jerad Finck
The Lumineers
"Life In The City"
The Rua
"Hey You"
"The Runner"
Angie McMahon
"Slow Mover"

It’s September, also known world-wide (world-wide in my head) as the entry into the “ber” months.  This is the ramp up to all things wonderful (all things wonderful in my head meaning Christmas).

January through April are my least favorite months.  They involve the end of the holidays, re-setting clocks, which for me means hours spent in my car on a clock I’m convinced was put there just for decoration, time on ladders for my wall clocks and reading instructions from the 90s to adjust both my VCR clocks (don’t judge). 

This time of year also holds my birthday and taxes.  Happy birthday.  Here, do math. 

The other months have various ups and downs: 

May – A three-day-weekend with Memorial Day. 

June – A complete waste of four weeks.  Nothing happens other than receiving a ton of wedding invitations from friends’ kids making me feel A). old and B). creative as I come up with new and clever excuses on why I can’t make it.  It should also be noted that the most associated phrases with this month are “June Bride” and “June Gloom.”  That can’t be a coincidence.

July – We get the 4th and our entire industry finds patriotism we never knew we had that requires at least a four-day weekend.  

August – Brings us the Boulder convention.  While it’s great to see everyone and the music is always stellar, it’s still working in a place with no oxygen and I get a nosebleed at least once each time.  Edibles don’t prevent them but they do make them funnier.

September – Offers us a free Monday, but all Labor Day does is lure us into a false sense of security, setting us up for the most disappointing month of the year….October.

October – Is the ugly, itchy Christmas sweater the grandma you didn’t like gave you each year.  We lose daylight hours and “rise and shine” becomes “rise and find a flashlight.”  It gets colder and we have to endure a night where every dog and cat loses their mind (and hair) over non-stop doorbell ringing and sticky children demanding candy.

November and December – The months I most anticipate.  Starting on January 2, I have my eyes fixed on the months that give us Thanksgiving, Christmas, a combined three weeks of no charts, no music calls and silent phones. 

These are also the months where, after a year of work with no break other than weekends, I’m so tired I become the person who searches the car for my iPhone using my iPhone flashlight.

I do still miss having three months in the summer off; riding bikes with my friends, swimming all day and selling lemonade on the corner.  But, the three weeks off for the holidays I get as an adult have their own perks as well.  While I don’t swim all day or ride bikes in LA traffic, the lemonade now has vodka in it.  So that’s something.

Christmas Clock Countdown

 “You have to be odd to be number one.”
– Dr. Seuss, In honor of Wonderful Weirdos Day 

“Lana Del Rey yearns as L.A. burns on her dazzling new album”
Los Angeles Times

“Norman F---ing Rockwell! Is Lana Del Rey's Darkest—And Greatest—Album Yet” – Time

“She is the next best American songwriter, period.”
– Album review, 9.4 – Pitchfork

“Sturgill Simpson embraces distorted guitars, Eminem swagger”
Rolling Stone

“dizzying and compact rock-and-roll jam — as much ZZ Top as, say, Chris Stapleton — that's perfect for a dark, kinetic bit of animation that conjures memories of Mad Max: Fury Road.” – NPR


“This singer brings classical precision and raw emotion to celestial pop”
“An extraordinary talent” – Sunday Times Culture
“Her soulful voice, reminiscent of Florence Welch with the emotional poignancy of Laura Marling” – tmrw

“a feat of uncommon emotional intelligence.” – Noisey

“Capaldi is establishing himself as a stateside force” – Stereogum

“Lewis Capaldi has the kind of deep, textured voice that you could listen to for hours.” – TIME

 Sleater-Kinney Music Video
The New Pornographers Music Video
J.S. Ondara CBS This Morning: Saturday Sessions
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Flora Cash Lyric Video
The Teskey Brothers Music Video
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