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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
Doyle Bramhall II
"Everything You Need (ft. Eric Clapton)"
Gregory Darling
"Nina Cried Power"

Paul McCartney
"Caesar Rock"
Jade Bird
"Uh Huh"

"Golden Age"
As most of you know, this Unplugged column is where I unplug from all things music and try and entertain you with my (hopefully) witty life and family observations and stories.  After hearing about the death of our friend and colleague Sean Demery on Friday, I thought breaking from tradition this week was appropriate.
Below are just a few tributes posted on social media over the weekend from those who worked with Sean, who loved him, laughed with him and were inspired by him.
“Sean was always full of kindness, inspiration, positivity — strong-minded with a sense of caring — and a happy human being. The Alpha family and world have lost one heck of a warm-hearted affectionate son of gun.”  Scott Mahalick Executive VP of Content for Alpha Media
“’We say stuff, right?’  That's one of the ways Sean would start his emails to the air staff that I miss.  To have been coached by Sean is one of the best things of my 20 year radio career.  Mainly because he would coach and encourage, without you even noticing.  A quick conversation in the hallway typically resulted in something to think about, and something to work on during the next shift.” – Cort Johnson, KINK
“Seems everyone talks about how Sean was so very passionate about radio. It was beyond that. He was enthusiastically enthralled about all this stuff. A good segue, a song that gripped your heart, a good laugh about a funny break... he loved it all.” – Jared Aman, KINK 
"For 28 years, Sean was the most creative and funniest guy I ever knew. Then, for the last nine months, he became the strongest and most courageous person I've ever known.  He was an incredible person and like a brother to me. I'll miss him greatly, but he'll always guide me for the rest of my days." – Mike Henry, Paragon Media Strategies
"Dear Sean, I could spend hours talking about how you impacted my life and everyone around you... I want to thank you for your friendship, compassion for others, loyalty, support, uncompromising integrity, character and so much more. You were the essence of compassion, a true confidant and advisor... Here's a collective toast to the one person who changed my life for the better, changed radio, a true risk-taker, creative soul and loving friend, husband and believer in ALWAYS doing the right thing. I love you, my friend." – Leslie Fram, SVP Music & Talent at CMT
"I'm forever grateful for the friendship and guidance that Sean showed me, beginning in those early years when we were learning our craft. He always maintained that we weren't DJs -- we were just 'guys on the radio with a cool job and a bunch of records that we were excited to play.' That philosophy was a success in every market and at every station we worked. That inimitable style that Sean pioneered and perfected is what we carried into 99X. Sean always told me, 'Life is too short to do lifeless work.' Radio was his passion, and his life was a 500,000-watt signal that reverberated in your soul. As a friend for 40 years, he taught me what unconditional love really means."   Steve Craig
"Sean's on-air persona, (which tracked eerily close to his true self) seemed derivative of nothing, indebted to no one. I never heard a false, borrowed or inauthentic moment from Sean on 99X. No facade. It was a wonder to behold every afternoon, a program director’s dream. Sean was an outlier in the radio/music industry -- flattery and self-indulgence were foreign to him. He heaped these on no one and expected none in return. He was a major star; a powerful creative force on a big radio station but his innate humility caused him to resist all of the pitfalls to which many fall prey." – Brian Phillips, Demery’s former PD at 99X
"We all know that Sean forever changed radio with his brilliance as a music director. We have all admired his inventiveness on the air and his ability to relate to listeners. But for those closest to him, we will miss his ever-present humor. We will miss the way he would call us 'Nerds!' and laugh about it. We will miss his abiding friendship. We have lost a part of ourselves and the person I will always love as a brother and a Godfather to my children." – Cliff Berkowitz, Sean’s college radio roommate
“RIP and eternal love for our beloved Sean Demery, who has inspired me for decades as a creative leader and a wonderful friend.” – Karen Glauber, HITS Magazine
“The world of music and radio lost a giant this weekend and so many of us have lost a friend.  No words can say how much Sean Demery impacted the lives of musicians and radio listeners as well as the industry.  Sean, I’ve missed our talks so much.  Your love of music, our bonding over a hate for all dentists, your passion for life…you never failed to brighten my day.  You were and are one of a kind.  I’ll ask my Dad to be on the lookout for you.  He was a great man too.  Rest in peace.  I will always miss you.  We all will.” – Meg MacDonald, M:M Music
"Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done." 
– Burt Reynolds (1936 – 2018)

Paul McCartney
“Make a list of all the songwriters who were composing great tunes in 1958. Now make an overlapping list of the ones who are still writing brilliant songs in 2018. Your lists read: Paul McCartney. **** ”
Rolling Stone
“McCartney contemplates mortality and pain while still trying to offer love and strength.” – The New York Times
Milo Greene
"There are roughly equal parts folksy fair and dancefloor-friendly bangers, but ultimately just a set of solid songs.” — Entertainment Voice
"Adult Contemporary is reminiscent of the old band you once knew but now, they’re more confident, more mature, and undoubtedly more self-assured.”  — Spill Magazine

Jade Bird
"...channeling the storytelling of Americana-country godmothers like she sold her cold tea-sipping English soul to the devil for some of distilled Loretta Lynn essence.  However, despite obvious comparisons to country queens, she's got that dry-as-hell humor and animal-cry growl of heartbreak, which can boil up to explosion and back down to a sweet whisper in one chorus...which places her firmly in the lineage of power-chord wielding solo female icons like Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair, Fiona Apple and more." – Paper Magazine
Amos Lee
“Lee is embarking on a new chapter… he builds soundscapes nuanced enough to contain emotional resonance… his greatest asset, his weathered voice is used to plumb dark emotional depths, tempering despair with hope.” – Pitchfork
“The most personal and deeply felt of Lee’s seven studio albums.”
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Hozier Music Video
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