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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
Ringo Starr
"Here's To The Nights"
Jon Batiste

"1st Time"
Going for #1 at MB!
Bruce Sudano
"It Don't Take Much" 
"Sword From The Stone"
The Loft Club Feat. Lisa Loeb
For those of you who emailed me in response to last week’s column asking to watch on Zoom while my better half, (a die-hard Packers fan) and I, (a new Bucs fan but an old Brady/Gronk fan) took in the game, I will tell you that we did just fine.  
Spending the night on our couch was not a big deal.  It’s very comfortable.
With only the Super Bowl left to play, we have concluded a successful first season of football-watching together.  We’ve enjoyed good food, drinks and friends who have been in our bubble since last March.  We’ve high-fived when our teams won and loudly lamented to the sky when they lost.  In addition, she was introduced to a long time tradition of mine, doomsday predictions.  
When I’m watching a game that I care about, I yell, “Don’t throw it!” if they’re going to pass.  I yell “Don’t run it!” if it’s a handoff.  I do this for almost every play because I believe my teams do better when I’m doubtful and it’s a win-win for me.  When the play is a bust, I’m prepared because I called it.  When the play works, I’m thrilled to be wrong. 
It’s been a non-issue all season long, but Sunday was the first game we were rooting for different teams.  It became evident early on that this game would be a different dynamic:
Me:  “No! Don’t call heads!”
Her:  You’re doing that for the coin toss?
Me:   Well, yeah. 
Her:  It’s the F#%@king coin toss. 
We weren’t in Kansas anymore.
The Super Bowl will be an interesting test.  We still won’t be in Kansas…..but the Bucs will be playing them!
I’m going to pay for that later.  #Worthit

“I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I'm going to learn, I must do it by listening.”

– Larry King

Band of Heathens

"The Band of Heathens understand the benefits of being odd when the whole world seems creepy and do so with a bounty of vocal riffs, catchy hooks, inspired playing, and creative lyrics...The songs are the stars here.” Popmatters

?“...this particular Stranger speaks volumes, and, in turn, beckons us all to listen.” – American Songwriter

The Loft Club

“Fused in electric melodies, it swerves through narratives rife in love, loss, and perseverance… a necessary jolt everyone needs right now…wholly uplifting.” – American Songwriter

“This isn’t just dreaming the impossible, this is jammed with fiery potential and promising possibilities …radio friendly at its finest.”
– Critical Popcorn

Taylor Swift Feat. The National 

'coney island' is a devastating indie-folk duet between Matt Berninger and Swift that depicts a crumbling romantic relationship." – AV Magazine

"Was anyone else broken in half by them harmonizing 'Sorry for not winning you an arcade ring'?

Illiterate Light

The promising Virginia-based duo has an ambition that is promising at a time when rock needs it.” – SPIN

" explosive mission statement from a band that’s here to stay." NPR

 Jon Batiste Tribute To The Empire State Building
          With Amanda Gorman 

 Black Pumas "Colors"
          The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

 Passenger "Sword From The Stone" Official Lyric Video

 Bruce Springsteen "Ghosts" Official Lyric Video

 Ringo Starr "Here's To The Nights" Official Music Video

 Jon Batiste "I NEED YOU" Official Music Video
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