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Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald, Rene Magallon 
Willa Amai
"Trampled Flowers"
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
"Outta My Head"
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Luke Underhill
"Long Way Home"
The Head and The Heart
"Missed Connection"
"Déjà vu"
Turns out, 2019 is being driven by the same annoying driver as 2018, Mr. Murphy Law.
He apparently has a lot of time when it comes to me.
It started with a broken toe and my having to clomp around in a walking boot that weighs more than my dog and makes me trip and hurt my other toes.  This was followed by a crack in the office foundation that had to be repaired, two days with no heat and no hot water (10 days of rain resulted in a flooded basement which then resulted in two water heaters needing to be replaced and a furnace that needed CPR), as well as a yard that needed re-sodding when my multiple lawn drains (ironically named) failed to do the one job they have. 
In short, Mr. Murphy can suck it.
No hot water and no heat made the broken toe a minor inconvenience.  I tried to channel my ancestors and what they must have gone through during cold Iowa winters.  But since I didn’t know any of them, I channeled “Little House on the Prairie” instead.  I always felt close to the Ingalls family and I loved the episodes where they were snowed in their log cabin with nothing but a fire for heat (and the logs that didn’t quite fit together somehow miraculously shielded them from the howling winds).  They all looked so warm and cozy sitting by the fire. 
Checking back in on the show last week in an attempt to bond with my TV family went much like most things from childhood do when I try to recapture them….badly.  The roof of my mouth still looks like an autopsy after trying a bite of my niece’s Captain Crunch cereal. 
What I saw through freezing adult eyes, was Pa playing his out-of-tune fiddle badly, Ma darning some worthless piece of crap sweater that wouldn’t keep an anorexic ant warm and the children sitting quietly wearing thin dresses, no jackets and mitten-less hands clapping along.
Hollywood can suck it too.
I’m not a wimp.  In the freezing Iowa cold, I’d walk to school in nothing but a Catholic school jumper, a windbreaker and these wits.  The Californication of this Midwest transplant is real.  It was 40 degrees last week and I was complaining to anyone who would listen. 
It was a short list. 
I put on a fire, but unless you literally sit in it, it just mocked and looked pretty.  But, I braved on.  I found my electric blanket and plugged it in.  It hadn’t been used in years and was showing its displeasure.  At least that’s what I took the blue sparks coming out of the semi-insulated, frayed wires to mean.
I survived, not as stoically or with as much wit as the Ingalls, but they didn’t have to deal with figuring out which circuit switch to flip when a lantern blew out.
The good news is the heater is fixed.  The ironic news is that it’s 80 degrees here today and I’m scared to try out the air conditioner.  However, if it doesn’t work I’m sure it’ll be ready in time for fall.
Dear life, when I asked if things could get any worse, it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

“I play about frustration, patience, anger. Music is an extension of my soul.”

– Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar (1937 – 2019)
Jade Bird
“I’m touring with Jade Bird at the moment and she’s an incredible talent and has such an amazing voice. And again, just very vital. Very vital honest songwriting I gotta say. I’m really enjoying her being part of the tour." – Hozier
"With multifaceted potential, there's no telling where this Bird will land." 
– NPR Morning Edition

“I was visiting NYC to see another band perform and experienced BAILEN as the opener. I was blown away! The harmonies are beautiful and the collection of songs are complimentary to their influences.”
Laura Duncan PD WTTS
"Sibling vocals always get compared to the Everly's, but with BAILEN you get that plus energy, power and a jubilance that is absolutely infectious."
Scott Mullins – GM/PD WTMD
Hailey Knox
"Thanks to her quiet confidence and natural talent, Knox is sure to continue to evolve into a powerhouse.” – Mashable
"...a legitimate rising indie pop performer." – POP Matters
“This is Knox’s signature talent — the ability to create a symphony of sounds with just her voice, a guitar and a looping pedal.” – Earmilk  

Lucie Silvas
 “..suspends temperate touches of Laurel Canyon-style psychedelia in a sublime, cinematic haze…” [‘Black Jeans’] – NPR
“...Silvas’ vocal power and retro-minded influences – Motown, gospel and smoky soul, align her with show-stopping singers like Adele… positioning her as one of the strongest (and most original) voices in modern country.”Rolling Stone
The Head and The Heart Lyric Video
Local Natives Music Video
Rodrigo y Gabriela Music Video
James Bay Late Night with Seth Meyers
Strand of Oaks  Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Noah Kahan Music Video
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