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Rene Magallon, Meg MacDonald, Crystal Ann Lea, Alex Whiley
Marcus Mumford
Bonnie Raitt
"Livin' For The Ones"
Steve Lacy
"Bad Habit"
Tegan and Sara
Bruce Sudano
"Fatal Love"
It’s been two years since we’ve all been together for the A3 convention, so I’m dusting off the Boulder column I wrote the last time we were all together in 2019.  It’s all about the music of course, but after the performances, it’s the in-between conversations that are my favorite part.
Below are some of my favourites from years past.  I’m looking forward to you guys basically writing my column for me next week. 
I’ll have my phone on record.  All names have been left off to protect the innocent and stupid (me both times).
The St. Julian Bar:
Promo Person to Civilian Bar Patron:  Do you have papers?
Hotel Bar Patron (a foreigner with a nervous and confused look):  Are you from immigration?
Promo Person:  What? No! Ha. Oh that’s funny.  I meant MAR-IU-JANA papers!
Radio Programmer (dragging promo person away):  Stop talking.  You sound like an idiot.
Outside a Panel:
Manager:  Why don’t you just go talk to her?
Programmer:  She’s too happy to talk to.
Manager:  There are worse things than being around positive people.  You could be stuck with assholes like us all day.
Programmer:  But you’re who I relate to.
In the Hotel Gym:
Label:  How was your workout?
Indie:   I didn’t get the add but I worked off half a bottle of wine.
Outside The Fox Theater:
Label Rep:  You can definitely have a joint in the open in Colorado.
Local Rep : Not true.  You can’t just light up anywhere outside, you need a medicinal card for that.
Label Rep:  I swear you don’t.
Jack Barton:  Hey, the band’s about to go on.
Local Rep:  In a second, we need to figure this out.
Label Rep:  I’m googling it and I won’t get a signal if we go inside.
Jack:  Guys, it’s YOUR band!
Safe travels to everyone this week and see you very soon!


“Sometimes, when I get sad about not having kids, I sleep until noon, don’t cook or do laundry for a week, watch everything but cartoons and buy myself a gift.”

Someecards, In honor of International Childfree Day

Sharon Van Etten

“Sharon Van Etten Is an Institution Now.” – Pitchfork 

“One of the most fearless, soul-shredding songwriters on the planet.”
Rolling Stone

Amanda Shires
“her electrifying new album Take It Like A Man, which, if there’s any justice in the world or maybe just in Nashville, ought to make this wildly underrated country-music Zelig into a household name... ‘Take It Like A Man’ is a haunting torch song that showcases both Shires’s voice – a little bit Parton, a little bit punk – and one of her strengths as a writer, the way her lines can be abstract and concrete at once. ” – The New York Times

Bonnie Raitt
"Livin’ for the Ones,” with words by Raitt and music by the band’s guitarist George Marinelli, is a Rolling Stones-flavored rocker, with strummed and sliding guitars tumbling across the backbeat. It draws a life force from mourning, countering petty impulses toward lethargy or self-pity with the blunt recognition of so many lives lost."  – The New York Times

Jocelyn & Chris

“Pure American rock goodness” – American Songwriter

“galvanic vocals and crackling work on guitar” – Relix

“A millennial spin on classic rock” – Today

 Maggie Rogers "Want Want"
           The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

 Death Cab For Cutie "Here To Forever"
          The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
 Ber "Meant To Be"
Official Lyric Video 
 Marcus Mumford "Grace"
Official Video
 Whitney "Real Love"
          Jimmy Kimmel Live!
 The Black Keys "It Ain't Over"
          Official Visualizer
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