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"Nothing To Lose"

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The further I get from my childhood, the more damage I’m doing trying to recapture it.  I’m Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men don’t have enough splints to put me back together again.
Aging hasn’t so much seeped into my life as flooded it.  In college, all I had in my bathroom was a blow dryer, a curling iron, Aqua-net hair spray, deodorant that smelled like a flower-bed threw up, whatever toothpaste was the cheapest and a towel that I’m pretty sure wasn’t washed for three semesters (it broke when I tried to fold it).
The contents currently in my bathroom include: finger splints (catching a football used to be easier), toe splints (an unfortunate encounter with a shower door last year) cuticle oil, band-aids, multiple bags of Epson salt, a first aid kit and Pepsodent tablets for cleaning dentures (I don’t have dentures but they work as a cleaner for the night mouth-guard I have to wear because I grind my teeth).
If I’d written this a week ago I could’ve said all that’s missing is Maalox and Tums.  This is no longer true.
But, I’m not ready to throw in the now freshly-washed-towel on things I love because I’m scared of getting hurt (also if I threw in the towel too hard there’s that risk of hyper-extending a shoulder and, if I’m going to get injured, it’s got to be doing something cooler than that).
However, I have conceded there are a few things that don’t need recapturing:
Merry-Go-Rounds:  As a kid I could go round and round all day.  As an adult…not so merry.  Last time I took my niece to the park, we went around twice before I rolled myself off.  She hopped off and was fine yelling, “Let’s do it again Aunt Meg!”  I was face down on the ground mumbling, “Dear God, make it stop.”
Sandwiches: Skippy peanut butter with Miracle Whip on Wonder Bread.  Best. Sandwich. Ever.  As an adult, for the rare times I even allow myself to have carbs, it’s Ezekiel bread (cardboard trying and failing to pass itself off as food). There is no substitute for Miracle Whip.  It was all chemicals and I loved it, but apparently the only miracle is that I survived eating it.
Bikes:  As a kid, hop on and go.  Streets, sidewalks, fairgrounds.  No helmets or safety equipment.  No need to bring water since any number of neighborhood garden hoses were readily available.  As an adult, we have to load the bikes into the truck, spend 20 minutes in the garage looking for helmets, drive in traffic for 40 minutes to get to the secured bike path, spend 15 minutes looking for parking, ride for 30 minutes and reload everything back up because we forgot to bring enough water.
The Library:  I went every weekend for their reading contests.  I brought a sack lunch and felt so grown up checking out books with my very own library card.  Claudia the librarian would praise me for being “such a good reader” and always gave me a butterscotch candy.  As an adult, I don’t have a library card.  I have a credit card and get my books from Amazon.  
No one praises me or gives me candy.
Life’s rear-view mirror….memories may be further away than they appear.

“One of my real goals was to hear someone whistling a song I'd written.”

Mac Davis (1942-2020)


Band of Heathens

"Stranger is a warm, enveloping album with a positive message of understanding and compassion that’s just right for the times…"
Rolling  Stone

"Stranger manages to be another impressively stellar album from a band that has made a career out of churning out stellar albums.” – Glide

Declan McKenna

“A really fabulous record. As a songwriter, you can see how much he’s grown with this new one. It really is a terrific record and I recommend it to anyone out there. ” – Elton John on “Be An Astronaut”

"One of the most complete albums start to finish in years. In my Top 5 for 2020." – Geno Pearson,  WPYA Birmingham Mountain Radio

Wyn Starks

“Wyn Starks is the type of neo-soul artist that I want to take a chance on.” – Mookie, KSCN Los Angeles

“I absolutely love it!!” – Aleah Vose, KCLC St. Louis

The War and Treaty

“On Hearts Town, the band’s huge leap forward of a second album, the War and Treaty expand on the rootsy textures of their 2018 debut, Healing Tide, incorporating Tony Bennett crooning (“Hey Pretty Moon”), Eighties adult pop (“Liquid Lies”), and radio rock (the Jason Isbell-assisted “Beautiful”). Dark-edged ballads like “Jealousy” and urgent political pleas like “Lonely in My Grief,” meanwhile, offer a more three-dimensional portrait of the joyful salvation the band has become known for.”
Rolling Stone

Wyn Starks "Circles" Official Performance Video

Matt Berninger  “One More Second” CBS This Morning

Aaron Frazer “Over You” Official Video

Conan Gray "Heather"
         The Late Late Show with James Corden

Phoenix “Identical”
         From The Original Motion Picture “On The Rocks"

Future Islands “For Sure”
         The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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