MM Music Photo Album

Capitol's Dan Connelly and Meg
All the ladies of M:M Music (L to R): Crystal Ann Lea, Meg MacDonald
and Rene Magallon
Rene and Verve's Casey Sillcock
M:M's Ben Lippman, Meg, Recording artist Yuna, Crystal Ann, Rene and Plen at M:M's offices
Gene Murrell (formerly WZEW) & WRLT's Keith Coes - 3 a.m. outside Meg's door and up to no good. Shocker.
Columbia's Lisa Sonkin and recording artist Isaac Russell at the M:M Music Dinner
Rene, Universal's Elliot Kenall and Crystal Ann
WB's Peter Gray - after this came the Flying V portion of our meeting
Atlantic's Brian Corona and Hollywood's Nick Bedding - thumbs up for the aweseome ride on Nick's really cool Vespa!
Black Key's Dan Auerbach
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